Are you concerned about Inequality, Injustice, Poverty?

Together we can make a difference.

The Dublin 15 Faith and Justice Group works together to respond to issues of inequality and injustice.

Taking inspiration from the life of Christ and modern day Christian leaders such as the late Archbishop Romero,  the group is actively involved in issues including promoting fairtrade, tackling climate change; building inter faith and intercultural links; combating  poverty.

Spiritual guidance, education  about the issues affecting people in need, and action on the issues are the cornerstones of the group.

The group warmly welcomes new members and  currently meet on the last Thursday of the month in Sr. Ann's house.

For more information contact Fr Joe 087 6632944.

The image above was created by Fanny Lui a member of the Faith and Justice group after the devastating floods in Hong Kong in September. The torrential rain, which Fanny says was never experienced in Hong Kong before, was just one of a series of disasters sparked by climate change this summer from forest fires in Europe and America to the recent dam bursts in Libya which claimed the lives of thousands of people. 

Faith and Justice members discussed climate change at our last meeting and each member pledged to make one small change to try and lessen the drain on the worlds natural resources …from bringing our own keep coffee cups to going meat free one day a week and fully utilising recycling bins at any Church events. 

A sub group are now meeting weekly to keep climate change to the forefront of our actions. If you would like to help out contact any member of the group. 

Is there one small change you can make to encourage others and to stop global warming before it is too late?