Vandalism to our local churches

I am sure that by now you have heard about the break-in and arson attack in our church of St. Philip, Mountview. This happened sometime before midnight on Monday. One of the glass panels of the new fire door was smashed to gain entrance and a small fire was lit beside one of the pews. Part of the pew was scorched but thank God the fire did not take hold.

To add insult to injury the Church of Mary Mother of Hope, Littlepace was also the target of vandalism on Wednesday night just before midnight. The main door was slightly burned and one of the windows at the side was smashed. We are very grateful to a neighbour for alerting the Gardai who sent a car to the scene and remained there all night.

I know a lot of parishioners are saddened and angry at such wanton behaviour. We know that times are very difficult for one and all but this is no excuse to go out with the intention of burning and damaging property. I have heard that some schools and other public facilities’ have had their fair share of vandalism over the past few months.  We condemn strenuously this type of viciousness and unnecessary vandalism.

As you know a lot of effort has been made over the past year to upgrade our parish facilities at Mountview. A lot of people have donated money, time and effort with this project, which is for the good of the community. What happened last Monday night is a slap in the face of the community.

We, the priests and parish pastoral councils of both parishes, urge all of you to be very vigilant and if you do see anything that is out of place to contact us directly or to place a call to the Gardai.

We thank all who have called to show support and concern.

Fr. Binoy Mathew svd