June 10: The feast of *Saint Landry of Paris*

Today, June 10, we celebrate the feast of *Saint Landry (Landericus) of Paris* (died 661), twenty seventh bishop of Paris, France, built the first major hospital in the city, dedicating it to Saint Christopher and noted for his work with the poor.

He was consecrated to the episcopacy in 650 at a time of desperate need. Poverty and sickness assaulted Paris, and many of the poor were unable to provide for their basic needs. Famine and the plague added to the misery, as the poor from the French countryside flocked into Paris seeking help.

Landericus was known as a sincere and deeply pious man who had great compassion and love for the poor. Saint Landry worked tirelessly to serve the children of God specifically those that no one else would serve. He sold all of his personal possessions, and then systematically began selling off the Church’s possessions to better serve the poor.

He is reported to have melted down the extra sacred vessels stored in the Church, using the money to assist in times of famine and plague.

Saint Landry built the first hospital for the poor in Paris, dedicated to Saint Christopher, placing it directly beside the Cathedral of Notre Dame. In time, the hospital and poorhouse became a model for bishops throughout Europe, making the love of Christ shine in the midst of the darkest period of the Dark Ages.

Saint Landry is also remembered for expanding available religious instruction and guidance to the citizens of Paris through his welcoming of a community of Benedictine monks, leading to the institution of the Abbey of Denis.

Upon his death, in 651, Saint Landry was buried in the church of Saint Germain-des-Pres, then called Saint Vincent’s, where his relics, except two bones given to the parish of Saint Landry in 1408, are kept in a silver shrine.

His relics, hidden during the French Revolution, have been returned to their original burial place. Numerous miracles—both during his life and following his death at his tomb—have been reported.

*St Landericus, pray for us*.