May 29: The feast of *St. Maximinus of Trier*

Today, May 29, we celebrate the feast of *St. Maximinus of Trier*, Bishop of Trier, Germany, from 332, a miracle worker and an ardent and courageous opponent of Arianism, fourth-century heresy that denied the divinity of Jesus Christ.

Maximinus was born at Silly and he left for Trier early in his life, drawn by the saintly reputation of its Bishop, St. Agritius.

He received his education there and eventually succeeded to the episcopacy
upon the death of St. Agritius in 325. Maximinus also became a strong advocate and defender of the Orthodox faith, opposing Arianism.

Maximinus developed a close relationship with the Roman emperors Constantine II and Constants. When St. Athanasius was exiled from Alexandria to Trier by Emperor Constantine I for two years in 336, Bishop Maximinus welcomed him as an honoured guest.

In 341, Maximinus also welcomed Paul, Patriarch of Constantinople who was banished to Trier by the emperor Constantius II, an Arian supporter.

Arians considered him one of their chief opponents, and they
 condemned him by name at their synod of Philippopolis in 343.
 Maximinus was an ardent enemy of the Arian heretics, opposing them in the councils of Milan, Sardica, and Cologne.

In addition to his defense of Orthodoxy, Maximinus backed missionary efforts into the valleys of the Mosel and Lahn rivers by sending Sts. Castor and Lubentius as missionaries. He was a known miracle worker and apologist for orthodox Catholicism and was called one of the most courageous bishops of his time by St. Jerome.

He is the Patron Saint of Trier; invoked as protection against perjury, loss at sea and destructive rains. He is said to have died while visiting relatives in the area of his birth. His feast is celebrated on May 29.

*St. Maximinus of Trier, pray for us.*