Lockdown Season Faith Reflection Series 8: Faith without Fear by Emilia Santos

At this time of uncertainty, I am no different from the rest of the world. This is the time our prayers and focus to our faith play so much of how it shapes our lives. Who would have thought that a microscopic viral being could bring humanity to its knees? We have no way of even estimating the kind of danger this will inflict on us from now and into the future, life will never be the same.

Being on a lowly grieving situation, with lingering sadness, the onset of this pandemic and being isolated for several weeks has given me many reasons to truly appreciate Our Merciful Loving God, and to keep trusting God, to never be discouraged and to “take heart”, for no one knows the thoughts of God. This I consider is a type of journey to God’s heart.

And, true enough during this period of isolation/quarantine. God actually rules in the affair of men, through online mass via webcam, livestream scriptures and reflection. They all play a very important part to symbolise and reinforce our faith. Other social media like Skype, Zoom and Facebook are very helpful in reaching out to each other. Watching mass on webcam makes me feel that I have participated at mass. We make our home an expression of Church, we create a Churchlike atmosphere, by lighting a candle and putting up a crucifix while we tune in with the mass.

Physical separation from our parish and community is only temporary but it has real implications, but by the instrument of social media our prayers are united, which helps in making us to continuously love and follow Jesus.