Lockdown Season Faith Reflection Series 7: Managing the Covid lockdown by Martina and John Graham

Staying in contact with people has been an interesting and challenging experience of the last number of weeks during this lockdown


Whilst others talk of family bonding at this time, we are a very close knit unit as a family, but our 2 girls have not been physically present as they are outside Ireland, away in their own lockdown, this is a separation we would not be used to, but with the use of social media it has kept us together

We never thought we would say it but thank God for social media it has been a real blessing during these times. It has given us an insight to those living in Ireland away from their home from other countries who can only contact their families via social media. It also brings to mind the sacrifices that people have to make in modern society to support their families even when that means they have to live and work in a different country to make ends meet even though this may not have been their first choice.

In one sense it has forced us to keep in contact with people who we may not normally keep in contact with, strengthening the bonds we take for granted but do little to nurture

Not being able to go to work on a daily basis has been a mixed bag. On the plus no traffic on the opposite we don’t get to see our work colleagues on a daily basis. The variety of options for daily Mass and other spiritual exercises is wonderful so many people in ministry have made a big effort to reach out to their congregations from zoom what app and facebook there is an enormous amount of spiritual treats available to those of us who want avail of them. Personally speaking we are glad I did not have to do this alone it has been great that myself and my husband have been able to share this experience together. We have organised our day around Mass, prayer and work and we have developed a rhythm that seems to suit us. One of the blessings has been the time we have had to work outdoors and observe nature as close quarters which we would not normally have time to do this has been a real treat and the garden doesn’t look too bad either! It is wonderful to see nature getting a break and being allowed to recover from industrial pollution

We have come to understand the true meaning of the domestic church as our home has been the centre of our spiritual activity over the last number of weeks. Having said this we feel very privileged to have been able to contribute to the online Sunday Masses, through the ministries of Music and the Word.