Lock-down Season Faith Reflection Series 6: Faith without Fear – by Monica Shanoon

Covid 19 arrived out of the blue in February and with it the now familiar lock-down. 

It has been a challenging and interesting experience for us all. It has awakened us to the reality we are not in charge, that we are vulnerable, and the earth can get on without us; painful lessons to learn. It has brought  tragedy to many in the loss of loved ones. For others, the loss of jobs and isolation  and yet it has unveiled much that is good.

In the absence of the many distractions and manic nature of our lives, peoples focus shifted to the natural world around them and their place in it, becoming more aware of the birdsong. Mother nature has got a welcome rest from our relentless onslaught allowing it to heal. People are looking out for each other. Surely all a work of the spirit.

When the Churches closed, I missed Mass, Eucharist and the company of community and felt it a terrible deprivation. I also missed the workshops and talks on Spirituality and meditation that I would normally tap into.

However, I discovered Church Services online which I found to be a wonderful resource. Social media gets much bad press however it has come into its own for the church. And while it will never replace mass in church, I have felt nurtured by hearing the Word and it being channelled into my home via web-cam; i.e. half loaf better than no bread.

I’ve tuned in to Mass from Mountview to Rome, back to Wexford and evening prayer in Letterkenny and though miles apart I’ve found it a space of communion and nourishment. I’ve discovered something of the great wealth and giftedness we have in our church and priests. I also keep in touch via phone and zoom with friends and those that I journey with in the Spirit in the Anamcharadas movement. Doing poetry with Sr Ann. It has all given me solace, strength and companionship in that I am always reminded I am not alone on this Covid road. God is with us, is within us and comes to us through each other and is working through this trial, which too will pass.

For myself in the big trials of life, it is back to that time old adage of “One day at a time sweet Jesus” and in this life becomes manageable.