Lock-down Season Faith Reflection Series 4: How My Faith Helped Me Through Covid-19 Pandemic by Mary Desmond

I was brought up under the Catholic Faith but my faith is in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

I believe He is who He says He is and I believe He saves me from everything, soul and body.

Being a practicing Christian all my life, my strength came from doing what I do already.

I played many beautiful praise and worship songs in my home. I believe doing that creates a very positive, uplifting atmosphere and is good for my soul.

I often dance and sing along.

At 3pm each day a small group of us meet on a conference call and we share our individual petitions, we take turns at reciting the Chaplet of Devine Mercy. The words of that Chaplet are a constant reminder that Jesus is Devine Mercy and He shed His blood as a sacrifice to make us fit for heaven. This is a great way to say hello and keep an eye on close friends. I truly believe God hears our prayers, one night we prayed all night and linked in with each other on the conference call at assigned times and shared our faith deeply.

I use colouring books with scripture entwined, and as I colour I am meditating on the scripture at the same time.

Churches using the Webcam has been a huge feature in helping me cope with the crisis. Being a member of the church is an automatic community. It is such a pillar when something as major as Covid-19 hits. As members we look out for one another and I have felt truly blessed and never alone.