Lockdown Season Faith Reliction Series 2 – Faith without fear by Nuala Roe

As I come into the church each day. I look around at the emptiness and remember ……..

I look at the seats and imagine all the faces of the friends and parishioners who always sat in their favourite seat. I miss the noise, the buzz, the chat with friends after Mass. I miss the children, the servers, the readers, the choir, & the schools.

Now in my loneliness as I go about sanitizing the church, the shrines, the tables, the benches, the doors, the handles, the kneelers  so that nobody coming into pray will be harmed by this terrible pandemic, which has torn us apart.

When I am in the church and the Mass is on and I see people standing outside with hope in their eyes. I feel so sad and also guilty, because I am inside and I can’t let them in. It is heart breaking for the priests as well to be up on the altar looking out at their parishioners and can’t let them in. They are doing all they can to help and are always there for them.

The saddest thing of all is the funerals, when people sometimes have to choose one person over another to say a last farewell to a loved one. With only 10 people allowed in, how do you say “You can’t come “

Blessings come in many guises

That God alone in love devises

And this sickness which we dread much

Can bring a very healing touch

For after all the wings of pain

The peace we sought before in vain

Will come to us with sweet surprise

For God is merciful and wise.

Jesus teaches us to love and care for each other. 

Until we are all back together again.