Lockdown Season Faith Reliction Series 1 – Faith without fear by Ann Iurascu

As people of faith, I believe this is a wonderful time of opportunity to grow in our faith and to examine whether we have really accepted the Good News of the Gospel into our hearts. As followers of Christ there is no room for fear in our lives!

Our God has created the universe, He alone is author of space and time and of all creation, He has lovingly brought us into being. The book Psalm says “Before I took shape, your eyes saw me, and before any one of my days came to be they were written down in your book (Ps 139:16)”, and He alone decides and permits our lives to end as we are assured in the book of Deuteronomy “It is I who give both death and life” (Deut. 32:39). We have an opportunity now to really stand on His promises, to stand in His love and trust in His mercy. We confess and believe that with the utterance of a single Word, He could end this virus.  So, while we do and should continue to pray for an end to the virus, and for the Lord’s mercy on the world, especially for all those suffering, we should trust in His will.

For if I really believe, He came to me in my weakness and sin, as my personal saviour, suffered and died for me all to enable me to have eternal life, how can I at the same time fear He could ever abandon me? If we are in Christ, what should we fear? “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear” (1John 4:18).