Easter Wishes from the Priests of the Parishes of Huntstown, Mountview & Blakestown

Dear friends, 

This year’s Easter celebrations, obviously, are different compared to all other years we known. The restrictions on assembling prevent us from celebrating Easter in the church.  But we still proclaim with our lives our joy in the renewal of the world, our Easter joy. Many are suffering from the corona virus, and we keep them all in our prayers.  No one is suffering from the loss of our Easter joy.  No pandemic can destroy Easter. 

During our subdued external celebrations at home, we spare a prayerful thought for those who have lost their lives during this health-pandemic especially for our heroes from the healthcare department. We remember families who mourn the loss of a loved one, whose affected by the virus, people who may find themselves alone these days are lonely, those on frontline these days of crisis and can’t be with their families because they go beyond the call of duty, those who can’t find ways to travel home to be with their loved ones, those struggling emotionally, physically, financially and in numerous other ways we may not even able to imagine.

The Mass on the Easter Sunday is offered for your intentions and for the intentions of the parish community. We pray that you find this Easter season a season of hope in spite of the challenges corona virus.

May the life of the Risen Lord flow through our veins, so that every thought word and deed of our lives may shout out: Jesus Lives!

 And may we all be happy in the hope of eternal life.

Thank you for your support and love.


Binoy Mathew svd

George Adzato svd

John Owen svd

Joseph Chen Yanbo svd