Understanding Financial Support to Our Parish/Diocese

The collections made in the parish are:

  • Envelope Collection/Standing Order (Family Offering) Every week
  • Offertory Collection made during Mass (1st Collection): Sundays & Holy Days
  • Share Collection made during Mass (2nd Collection): Sundays & Holy Days
  • Christmas and Easter Dues

 1. Envelope Collection

Each family in the Parish is requested to take a box of envelopes each year and on a weekly basis place an offering in the envelope and place the envelope in the collection bags during Mass. This money is used to meet the running expenses of the parish, e.g. lighting, heating, insurance etc.  It is also used to maintain and repair our Church and Parish house. Proceeds from the shrines, fund raising and other donations are also used from the same. These are the ONLY monies available to the Parish to finance this expenditure. At the end of the year, parishioners are provided with a summary these receipts in the form of the parish Profit and Loss Account (P&L).

 2. Common Fund Collection; Christmas & Easter Dues

This is the 1st collection taken up at Masses on Sunday and Holydays.  Christmas and Easter Dues are collected by means of an envelope, which is placed in a special box at the entrance of our church.  These collections are centralised and go to make up the wages of priests working in the diocese.  Pensions of retired priests and those no longer able to work due to illness are also paid for from this fund. This collection is transmitted to a Central Fund.

 3. Share Collection

This is normally the 2nd collection taken up at Masses on Sundays and Holydays.  This collection is also centralised and goes to the Diocesan central office. The monies are used to assist parishes in the building and maintenance of Churches and other parish property where a parish cannot afford the outlay from its own resources. This collection is transmitted to a Central Fund.

 4. Other Special Collections

The Share Collection is sometimes replaced by “Special Collections”. The proceeds are forwarded directly to the specific charity. These Special Collections are for Peter’s Pence (the Pope’s Charities), Cross-care, Missions, Training of Students for the Priesthood, Catholic Youth Care. Accord, and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.


It is now possible to claim tax relief on all TRACEABLE parish donations in excess of €250.00 per annum for all tax payers both PAYE and self-employed (hence the importance of knowing who contributes).

The plan giving collection envelopes therefore take on an added significance.  Not only do they help with budgeting, they will form a basis for our tax relief claim.  We cannot claim tax relief on the loose plate collection.

In our case identifiable contributions come from:

  • Standing Orders
  • Weekly/Monthly envelopes
  • Donations
  • Annual Contributions
  • Payment of Dues (Christmas & Easter)

It is of no extra cost to you, the parishioner, but of enormous financial assistance to our Church. We thank you for your contributions to our parish throughout the years.   We continue to greatly depend on your support and are most appreciative.