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Welcome, and thank you for visiting our parish website.We hope that you may find these pages informative and supportive. We also greatly appreciate any financial help you can possibly give to help us fulfill our mission of serving God and his people. Please press the donate button and select from the menu provided.

Mass Times

Weekdays : 9.15 AM.

Saturday : 10AM

Vigil : Saturday 6.00pm
Sunday :10.30 AM, 12 .00 & 6 PM.

Holy Days
Vigil: 7.30PM;
Holy Days: 10.30 AM and 7.30PM

Morning Prayer and Adoration:
10.30 am to 11.30am

Special Monthly Masses

Alliance of Two Hearts - Every 1st Friday at 7.30 pm (Mass with anointing of the sick)

St. Peregrines   - Every 1st.Monday at 7.30 pm (Blessing with his relic)

Parish Office

Parish Office hours:
10 am to 1 pm
(Monday – Friday)

Parish Secretary:
Martina Graham

Contact No:

Email: mbparishes@gmail.com

Fr. Binoy Mathew SVD

0871762515 binoysvd@gmail.com

Fr. George Adzato SVD

0874504338 grakmurphy@yahoo.co.uk

Fr. John Owen SVD

0868261380  john.pazzo@gmail.com

Fr. Chen Yanbo SVD

0894049432 yanbosvd@gmail.com

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May 30: The feast day of *Saint Joan of Arc*

Today, May 30, we celebrate the feast day of *Saint Joan of Arc* (1412-1431), virgin martyr of the Church, and patron saint of France. Joan (born Johanne) was the fifth child of pious peasant landowners. The family was poor, but able to survive with the children working. Joan never learned to read or write, but was […]

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May 29: The feast of *St. Maximinus of Trier*

Today, May 29, we celebrate the feast of *St. Maximinus of Trier*, Bishop of Trier, Germany, from 332, a miracle worker and an ardent and courageous opponent of Arianism, fourth-century heresy that denied the divinity of Jesus Christ. Maximinus was born at Silly and he left for Trier early in his life, drawn by the […]

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May 28: The feast of *Saint Bernard of Montjoux*

Today, May 28, we celebrate the feast day of *Saint Bernard of Montjoux* (923-1008), the patron saint of skiers, alpinists, hikers, and travellers in the mountains, and minister to Alpine travellers for over 40 years. He is remembered for his devotion to the Lord, and tireless preaching of His word to travellers, living and working […]

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After his resurrection, at the moment in which he returned to his Father, Jesus pours out the Spirit upon his disciples and makes them sharers in his own mission.  Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the disciples went out on the first Pentecost Sunday and began to preach the Good News to peoples from […]

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May 27: The feast of *Saint Augustine of Canterbury*

Today, May 27, we celebrate the feast of *Saint Augustine of Canterbury* called the “Apostle of England,” and the eventual first Archbishop of Canterbury. He is not be confused with the earlier St. Augustine of Hippo, the famous author of the “Confessions” and “City of God.” The work of Saint Augustine of Canterbury is widely regarded […]

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